Natural Remedies for Tooth Pain

Having a pain in the tooth can be the most excruciating thing a person will ever bear, it is like taking a bullet in your tooth over and over again or if someone is poking that part of your tooth with a needle. People have explained the pains in many horrifying ways but the fact is that we have suffered from this pain and when we were young and got this pain in the middle of the night when there is no dentist available except for the ER (emergency). In the emergency, you will be sedated or you will get meds for getting rid of the pain for some hours until the dentist comes up. But even when the ER haven’t been much of a help, our moms, dads or grandmas would do some home remedies to make your pain feel better or yet go away for good. If you haven’t had a toothache when you were young or you don’t remember about the remedies, this will refresh your memory and if you had any pain in the future this article will make sure to tell you the easiest ways which you will not forget and which are also easy to do.

If you have a toothache and the painkillers are not affecting it anymore or the pain is back, you should do this simple thing; take a glass of warm water and add half tea spoon of salt in it and mix it. Use this salty water to gargle or run it inside your mouth like a mouth wash. You must be thinking how it will reduce the pain, this is because you must be having inflammation in your tooth and this will heal all kinds of wounds as well. If you have any piece of food debris stuck within your teeth, running the salty water in your mouth will make sure to remove it and give you ease. If you have been in a brawl and you took a hit and some of your teeth are paining and bleeding, put ice on it from the outside, or keeping gargling your mouth with iced cold water, the cold water will slow down the blood flow and the pain and bleeding will stop after sometime and this will also reduce the swelling of the cheeks as well.