Vape Tricks: Impress Your Friends With Cool Vapor Skills

Vaping isn’t just about the satisfaction of nicotine or the enjoyment of flavors—it can also be a form of art. Vape tricks have gained popularity among vapers, allowing individuals to showcase their creativity and talent with vapor. This article will explore some cool pod salt vape tricks that will impress your friends and add fun to your vaping experience.

The vapor ring (O’s):

One of the classic vape tricks is blowing perfect vapor rings, also known as O’s. To achieve this trick, inhale deeply and hold the vapor in your mouth without inhaling it into your lungs. Form your mouth into the shape of an “O” and push out a small amount of vapor while using your throat muscles to create a subtle cough-like motion. This will release a ring of vapor from your mouth. With practice, you can learn to control the size and shape of the rings and even blow multiple rings at once.

The ghost inhale:

The ghost inhale is another impressive vape trick that involves exhaling a small amount of vapor, then quickly inhale it back in. To perform this trick:

  1. Take a long drag from your vape device and let the vapor linger in your mouth for a few seconds.
  2. Push the vapor in a ball shape using a quick, forceful exhale.
  3. Immediately inhale the ball of vapor back into your mouth, making it disappear like a ghost.

This trick requires good breath control and can create a mesmerizing effect.

The dragon:

The dragon trick is sure to leave your friends in awe. To execute this trick, take a long drag from your vape device and hold the vapor in your mouth. Then, forcefully exhale the vapor through your nose and both sides of your mouth simultaneously, creating a visual effect reminiscent of a dragon breathing fire. This trick requires coordination and control over your breath, but it can be a show-stopper once mastered.

The waterfall:

The waterfall trick creates a waterfall-like effect with vapor cascading down from a bottle or container. To perform this trick:

  1. Fill a plastic bottle with chilled water and create a small hole in the bottom.
  2. Take a long drag from your vape device and blow the vapor into the bottle.
  3. Quickly turn the bottle upside down and let the vapor escape through the small hole, creating a mesmerizing waterfall effect.