Tea has been serving mankind from many years. Did you know that when the world war 1 and 2 started, many soldiers used to rely on tea for getting rid of headaches? Yes, that is true, in many parts of the world, tea has been used a medicine as well. There are many people who drink tea to stay awake when they have to work over time or to meet the deadlines, they drink tea to get rid of different body pains and there are people who make tea with ginger and different spices to cure their soar throat and even fevers. But make sure to consult your dietician or nutritionist to see if you are not allergic to any kind of spice of herb. But did you know that there are more than 100 kinds of tea which are served from all over the world and all of these teas and their own benefits and history, we have made sure to tell you about the maximum kind of teas:

  1. Barley tea. This is the kind of tea that is made in Japan, Korea, China and in different Eastern countries. It has a very nutty flavor and it is easy to make and also easy to digest as well. There are teas which include cream and milk but this kind of tea is dependent upon barley and it is very wholesome.
  2. Black tea. This is the kind of tea that is made to keep you awake for many hours and keep your energized. There are many pilots and drivers who drink black tea to keep themselves awake and energized because it has good amount of tea leaves in it. This kind of tea is very much famous in the United Kingdom and it was recorded that at least 165 million cups of black tea is consumed in the whole United Kingdom and most famous tea is organic tea in Dubai
  3. Then there is Chaga tea. You must have known about black tea and milk tea and organic tea but did you know that there is a tea that is made up of mushrooms. It is a kind of tea that uses fungus, it might sound gross but it is very much advantageous and this tea was originated from Siberia. 

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