We have all been through the struggles of impulsive buying where we bought an oversized couch or a trolley and somehow managed to fit it inside the house – but the real struggle is when you need to get it out of the house. Don’t worry as here we have got you some tips to get you through this daily struggle.

  • Consider sizing before hand

One way to avoid this whole trouble is to consider the sizing of your room and door beforehand. We know it is a bit time consuming task and you would rather depend on your instincts to pick out the couch but look where that has brought you. Even if your couch fits your apartment, consider the future possibilities and stay in the safe zone. But now that the time has gone, and you are looking for a way out then…

  • Ask for help

Let’s be real here for a second. Friends are useless when it comes to such tasks because all they manage to do is have a party in the echoey room and break a few vases and go home. If you are seriously considering help, then ask for help from movers and packers in Dubai marina because they are professional in what they do and understand the delicacy of your furniture. The best part is that movers’ experience helps them with a few tricks up their sleeves.

  • Remove hinges

It is highly possible that most of your furniture is hindered by the door hinges and you may not even realize. Before this gets out of hand, you need to get a tool kit along with you and let go of hinges. Move your furniture out and put the hinges back together. Hinges themselves take up space which will be freed once you let go of them.

  • Try different angles

It is no easy task to let a couch through a narrow door as you would have to work hard for it. What you need to do in such situation is not give-up and try different angles. Turn the couch to the left a little or try moving it out in an upright position instead of the usual wide side out. Remember to be patient throughout the task because rushing would only mean ending up with a broken furniture or a doorway.

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