Having a website doesn’t mean that you will magically start receiving more viewers or traffic will be generated, but instead you have to work for it. We know it isn’t easy which is why here we have got you some very helpful tips which best website design company in Dubai work on.

  • Speed matters

The teens of 2020 have no patience which is why speed plays a major role when it comes to gripping attention of viewers. It hardly takes a minute for people to judge your website on the basis of speed and they will leave it. Improve speed of the website if you want the visitors to stay and look around. 

  • Make headline visible

People pay attention to words more than pictures which is why if you want people to know and notice your main idea then you need to be sure to write it in a cryptic headline which is highly visible so that people are more inclined towards reading the headline and then taking action based on it.

  • Use hick’s law

Have you ever seen that how so many choices easily confuse you? This is exactly what you need to do with visitors. Give them several options of colors for a same shirt and they will spend more and more time looking for the right one and may end up buying several of them. This is what Hick’s law states: The more the choices, the more time people are going to spend in choosing the perfect one.

  • Simplicity is the best

Don’t apply Hick’s law to your website design and layout. The simpler the website is going to be the easier and more convenient users are going to find it. Keep the options simple and easier navigation so that people aren’t confused or frustrated with what to do. 

  • List everything

The menu on the side bar is very helpful for visitors as they can scan through all the options easily without getting confused as to where they want to go. This menu also makes easier to reach the desired destination. List things in an orderly form but don’t categorize it too much because people get frustrated easily with such categorization.

Use these tips and you will surely be able to revive your traffic or generate it.

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