Art is one of the vastest field which includes not only painting and colors but it is the summation of reading, culture, history, communication, politics, the bunch of social sciences and everything which is about society or related to society. 

School is the place where children or future adults are taught to become socially adjusted humans who know how to live in society and understand the society. It is not synonym of A, B and C but it should have classes about environmental sciences, home economics, discussions, mental health and financial education. It should have many other things which we see in our practical life. After all, it is the platform where students are given opportunity to practice and learn to live outside of it.

However, today schools are limited to science and language. It seems that teachers don’t know the importance of art. That’s the reason why we have people who could understand languages and open business but don’t have quality of critical and abstract thinking. That’s the reason why there is rigidity and absence of tolerance and patience nowadays. That’s the reason why the world is becoming a land of dystopia and melancholy. And that’s the reason why there is capitalism only.

Art is very important to teach. There is need to have ballet classes in Dubai or dance classes for kids in Dubai and all parts of the world because dance is form of art which gives you ground to express yourselves via motion. Similarly, schools and teachers should include the class of reading and discussion every week to know students to tell them what is abstract thinking, mental health, what is philosophy. In such classes, students and teachers can discuss about Socrates and golden equation as well. They can have discussion about anything they want. It will build the bond stronger and bind them into friendly relations.   These discussions will expand their thinking that result in different and effective thought-process. 

Besides discussion and dance, school should have sports and gymnastics. It will strengthen their physique which result in strengthening of mind because your brain is also an organ. Schools can even organize public speaking classes and sessions on mental health to turn them into better humans. 

Everything has importance and art is the subject which has importance the most. Teaching art and culture can bring exemplary change in our society.