The best closet is not the one which has so many showy clothes and apparels. The best closet is where you can find all clothes which you need. Thus, you can look here down and find what can make turn your average closet into the best closet!

Jeans and shirts: They are needed the most all the time because it is the pair of jeans and shirt which you want to wear daily. Therefore, keep shirts the most and then pair of jeans and pants. It is better to have at least ten shirts and two pants. You can even keep more pants as well of different colors: black, blue, white and grey. You can buy frilled shirts, button-up, sweatshirts, sleeveless shirts and stand-up collar tops to have great variety. You can buy rip jeans and baggy pants as well so that you can use your clothes in gatherings and simple events as well. 

Dresses: Dresses are must to have. Two or three dresses are enough for you if you are not so social or if most of your time is spent in home. You can buy one straight dress of knee length and one long maxis that would frills and belts to make you look chic. These dresses will help you to get ready faster within minutes for the weddings, formal events and gatherings. 

Shoes and bags: Shoes and bags are must to keep in cupboard. Try to buy such footwear which can contrast with your all apparels and clothes. Try to keep variety of shoes. Keep two pairs of heels, the to four pairs of flats, some joggers and pumps too so that you can have footwear which can keep your feet relaxed and comfortable. Besides, bags have also importance. Try to buy dark colored bags and soft colored bags which can contrast and suit your others. You can keep some clutched, handbags, shoulder bags of small size and clutches with chains. You can even go though photos and sites of Milan Fashion Week to know what are the best bags to buy!

Accessories: Jewelry, makeup and belts are also important. Therefore, buy a single box and keep some earrings, chains, bracelets and watches in it. You can get large variety of jewelry in different shops which you can buy for cheap. Similarly, buy some lipsticks, mascara, foundation, bb cream and blush-on to have must-use makeup. Use essentials if them in your daily carrying bag. 

So, these are the things which can make your closet the best closet. Buy a few items from each section but buy the best.