Ballistic glass is also known as bullet proof glass. These provide protection from different weather conditions so the use of these types of glass is increasing day by day. Previously, these types of glass were used in commercial market and for official buildings but now these are also available for home use such as bulletproof windows for home. You can also get more info in this article about the benefits of ballistic glass.

Provides protection:

These types of glass are made of strong materials and different type of layering is used so these provide protection against heavy material and from harmful conditions. These types of glass absorb energy from bullets, axes, bats and other heavy objects. So these provide protection from these type of conditions.

Provide protection to heat:

It is made up of polycarbonate which is thermoplastic in nature so it provides protection from heat. It is more resilient than other glazing material. It also absorbs pressure and other extreme  conditions without cracking.

Provide protection to high power:

It also provides protection to high power rifles and machine guns. Therefore, these are used in the vehicles of government officials and for vehicles used in the defense system.

Provides protection to blasts:

These types of glass provide protection to bomb blasts, grab burglars, angry mobs and earthquakes. As these provide protection from earthquakes so now these are also used in the construction of different buildings. And especially in top buildings where whole work is done related to glass. The glass that is commonly used in the market is fragile and can not bear extreme weather conditions and other extreme conditions such as bomb blasts, earthquakes. So ballistic glass is used for this purpose.

Provide strength to buildings:

This glass is stronger than the regular glass so due to this reason it is used in buildings and for commercial purpose. It is also used in homes, businesses and cars.

Ensures safety in work environment:

These are of high strength glass and these also provide protection. So these ensure safety in work environment. Therefore, these are used in the industries where extra security is required and protection from chemicals is ensured.


These types of glass are durable and long lasting. So these can be used for years and rocks, stones, bullets and other heavy objects can not get inside through these glass.