For a cleaning company to succeed in mattress cleaning throughout Dubai, some bold steps need to taken. Before going right away to robots, one needs to understand the complexities of conventional set ups in details.

Issues of traditional set ups: Cleaning companies would have issues in finding the right team to clean houses. Not only finding the team was challenging but ensuring they practice cleanliness in doing so. For instance while cleaning the mattress, there would be times when the staff would not be dressed accordingly. Examples of staff not being  dressed adequately could happen in the form of their hands not being covered and their head not being covered. No customer would want wan to find a stranger’s hair in their bed as well as the bed being germinated due to unhygienic practices.

Role of robots: With the emergence of Industry 4.0, cleaning mattresses becomes easier for both the customer and the cleaning company. Cleaning companies should get their hands on the “cleansbot” which does an amazing job in cleaning the sheets and terminating bacteria. This fancy gadget would disinfect  and sanitize the entire bed. The Ultraviolet(UV) lights on the robot would prevent airborne viruses from being spread. What makes this particular robot attractive is that is equipped with different types of sensors. For the robot to function it needs to be switched either through a button, remote control or an application. The fact that the robot runs on a battery goes on to show that it needs to be manually charged.

Importance of being prepared and adapt accordingly: Employees would fear that such an initiative can be threatening to their jobs. This should not the case if the cleaning company itself gets the robot. By getting this robot in numbers, cleaners will be allowed to focus on other and newer tasks for instance cleaners would have to place the robots to clean mattresses, sofas and many other furniture within the premises. There will be a backup team should the robots malfunction. It is pertinent to mention that the robots would only function through a remote control, application or a software and for this employees need to be retained. The one company that has the potential to integrate automation into its cleaning process goes by the name “fix & wipe”. For more information regarding this cleaning company look here.