Unlike bedrooms, kitchen is designed differently. There are some basics and key-points of interior designing of kitchen. Some of them are:

Work Triangle: It is the basic sketch which is followed to design the kitchen. According to this guideline, there are three main points or areas of the kitchen: sink, fridge and countertop. The more the guideline is followed the more there will be chances to create and design a composed Dubai kitchen. The aim of following this guideline is to design the place in such a way that a person can cook, clean and maintain kitchen easily and efficiently. The designers and architects keep each arm four to nine feet long due to which the work triangle would be no more 24 feet. You can check out their sites to see how they follow the guideline of the work triangle to design composed kitchens.

Countertop: What is the first thing that a person notices in the kitchen? Countertop. That’s the reason why people visit lots of markets to select it. They are available in different materials and stones in the market but a person is required to see the quality of the material before buying because looks and beauty is not everything. Mostly people prefer granite and natural stones to make countertop because their timespan is longer. However, wooden countertop has its beauty and style. It will look best if your kitchen and cabinets have a high-gloss finish. Moreover, you can use solid surface or quartz or plastic laminate to design countertop but it is better to ask your interior designer.

Backsplash: Backsplash is the tiled area of the kitchen. It is usually perpendicular to the countertop. The tiles are installed in the walls to protect the place from the splash of liquids and food. The people are advised to select the tiles which are easy to clean and whose colours contrast with the colours of the cabinets and walls of the kitchen.

Kitchen Layout: The layout should be selected intelligently after observing the size of the kitchen. If your kitchen is big then you can pick a g-shape layout, l-shape layout or island kitchen layout as well whereas galley kitchen layout and one-wall kitchen layout is suitable for small kitchens. You can even ask your designer about U-shape kitchen layout and ask her or him if it is better to design the kitchen according to it.

So, these are the basics of kitchen design. Designing a kitchen is not easy. It requires smartness and observation to design the cooking area of your home. There are kitchen companies in Dubai where you can work to learn kitchen interior designing or visit them to get an idea how to design the place.